Member Registration Process

  • Please read the agreement about your rights and obligations. Once we receive your application form which means you accept Hundure agreement and will follow our member policy.
  • Completing application forms.
  • Send the application form.
  • Review application form by Hundure.
  • Send user account and password by email.
  • Completed application. Welcome to be Hundure member.
Application Form: Follow information are very important, the title with “*” is required.
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* Have you already Hundure distributor/agent yet?
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Do you have construction engineer?
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Business Subjects


What Hundure products have been used?
  • Access Control – Model:

  • Time & Attendance – Model:

  • Parking Control – Model:

  • Elevator Control – Model:

  • Converter – Model:

  • Proximity Reader – Model:

  • Electronic Lock - Model:

  • Management Software-Model:


  • Other Peripherals – Model:


  • Have you used other brand products? Please provide brand and model no: